Shop and compare with Fallon's Cost Transparency tools

Our Cost Transparency tools provide real-time health care cost comparisons for Fallon Health members! Now you can shop for the right health care providers for you based on cost and location.

Sapphire365 - For Community Care members

Sapphire365 is our Cost Transparency tool for Community Care members. 

To shop and compare using Sapphire365:

  1. Log into the MyFallon member portal. Or, if you don't have a MyFallon account yet, register to use MyFallon.
  2. Click on the "My resources" tab.
  3. Choose "Sapphire365" from the drop-down menu.

SmartShopper - For other commercial members (Direct Care, Select Care and Preferred Care)

SmartShopper is our Cost Transparency tool for our Direct Care, Select Care and Preferred Care members. 

To shop and compare using SmartShopper, visit the Fallon SmartShopper website.

Fallon's Cost Transparency tools are available to all Fallon Commercial members. Eligibility for the incentive rewards varies by employer, plan and product.

Certain services require prior authorization. Call 1-800-868-5200 for more information.

Receiving a cost with our Cost Transparency tools does not mean your service or procedure is authorized. You must shop at least 24 hours prior to receiving service or procedure and use a cost-effective selection to be eligible for an incentive reward. Allow up to 8 weeks after you receive your service or procedure to receive your reward incentive check. Incentive rewards are taxable income and Fallon Health will provide year-end information for members to claim their incentives on their personal tax returns.