Fallon Health is one of the most experienced and innovative HMOs in the country. Fallon offers a physician-directed, cost-effective health care system dedicated to providing high-quality products and services and exceptional customer care.

Three decades of outstanding quality

Established in 1977 as the first federally qualified, nonprofit health maintenance organization in central Massachusetts, Fallon now covers over 200,000 lives throughout Massachusetts. In addition to an HMO, Fallon offers a variety of commercial products, including a point-of-service plan and an out-of-area indemnity product, in addition to a senior plan for Medicare beneficiaries. Fallon Senior Plan™ began in 1980 as one of the first Medicare risk contracts in the country.

Our network

Fallon members have access to the best doctors and hospitals available. Fallon has relationships with its founding medical group, Reliant Medical Group (formerly Fallon Clinic), as well as hundreds of private practice physicians in Massachusetts who admit to some of the best community hospitals.

Innovative benefits

In addition to a variety of cost-effective plans, Fallon offers additional benefits as part of its standard package. Only Fallon offers the Peace of Mind Program™, through which members may choose to receive specialty care from renowned Boston hospitals. Plus, Fallon members enjoy dental benefits and discounts for the whole family, free Weight Watchers® memberships, chiropractic coverage, and more.

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