Fallon Total Care plan closing on September 30, 2015

After careful consideration we have decided reluctantly to end our participation in the Commonwealth’s One Care demonstration program effective September 30, 2015. This decision is only in regard to Fallon Total Care has no impact on any other products or programs that Fallon Health offers.

Fallon Total Care members are being notified by mail that their coverage will end on September 30. The letter also explains their options for coverage after September 30.

Your contract with Fallon Total Care will remain in effect and Fallon Health’s Contract Managers will work with you as your contracts are eventually not renewed.

Standard claim processing rules will continue to apply, with claims being accepted up to 120 days after date of service for eligible members. Continuity of Care also applies for your patients who may meet the medical requirements.

We appreciate your participation in the Fallon Total Care network and your partnership in caring for our members. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Provider Service Line at 1-855-508-4715, or you can email us at askftc@fallontotalcare.com.