Fallon Health Weinberg opens all-inclusive health program for older adults in Erie County, NY

Provides alternative to nursing home care

Amherst, NY, March 23, 2016— Fallon Health Weinberg today announced a new comprehensive medical and social services program—Fallon Health Weinberg-PACE— for older adults who need nursing home-level care but wish to stay living at home and in their own community. PACE, a Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly, combines medical care, insurance and community-based support in a single coordinated program.

In the past year, nearly 36 percent of adults provided unpaid care to an elderly relative or friend.* Recognizing this, PACE offers solutions and support to patients as well as their caregivers through a combination of services such as health care, day care, transportation, home care and support groups and workshops.

To enroll, individuals must be age 55 and older, live in Erie County, meet a nursing home-level of care criteria as determined by the New York State Department of Health and require long-term care services for more than 120 days. They must also be deemed able to safely reside in the community by New York State Health and Safety Criteria. Participants may enroll in the program through Medicaid, Medicare and/or private pay.

One of the hallmarks of the PACE program is an interdisciplinary team that includes a range of professionals who specialize in geriatric care, including primary care physicians, nurses, nutritionists, transportation coordinators, home care coordinators, social workers, therapists and others.

“In addition to providing specialized geriatric care, Fallon Health Weinberg-PACE’s interdisciplinary team surrounds participants and their families with a wide array of supportive services that help seniors to continue living in the community,” said Dr. Charles Yates, Medical Director, Fallon Health Weinberg-PACE.

“We welcome the community to visit our PACE Center,” said Courtney Fasolino, Executive Director of Fallon Health Weinberg. “It’s a warm, friendly and safe environment and the hub of all medical, social and personal care. We want people to experience first-hand how we help frail older adults maintain their independence so they can remain living in the comfort of their homes.”

In addition to its PACE program, Fallon Health Weinberg offers a Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plan (HMO SNP) for individuals 21 years and older who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid; and a Managed Long Term Care plan (MLTC) to eligible individuals 21 years and older in both Erie and Niagara counties.

“Fallon Health pioneered integrated approaches to health care with its PACE program, which we’ve offered in Massachusetts for the last 20 years,” said Richard Burke, President and CEO of Fallon Health. “In opening a PACE site in Erie County, we are bringing a much-needed resource to seniors and their families in the region. We understand that there’s no place like home, and we’re excited about the opportunity to help our participants stay there. Fallon Health Weinberg-PACE is just the kind of innovative, integrated program that we believe will define the future of senior health care.”
*Pew Research Center (2013)


Carrie Wattu

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