Low cost Massachusetts individual and family health insurance from a 5-Star HMO plan*

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Open Enrollment starts November 1!

During this Open Enrollment period, you can change your coverage or plan for any reason. Open Enrollment ends on January 23, 2021. 

Do I qualify for a subsidy to help pay for health insurance?

Depending on your income and your household type, you may qualify to get help paying for your health insurance. Yes, I qualify and want to learn more!

Household size

ConnectorCare Plan
Type 1
(0-100% FPL)

ConnectorCare Plan Type 2A
(100-150% FPL)

ConnectorCare Plan
Type 2B
(150-200% FPL)

ConnectorCare Plan
Type 3A
(200-250% FPL)

ConnectorCare Plan
Type 3B
(250-300% FPL)

Tax credit only
(300-400% FPL)





























What if I don't qualify for a subsidy?

Even if you don't qualify for a subsidy, you can still save with our affordable health insurance plans for individuals and families in Massachusetts.

Our plan designs offer these great benefits, including:

Office visits (primary care provider)


Prescription drugs

Tier 1: $5
Tier 2: $10
Tier 3: $40
Tier 4: $250

See our full list of covered drugs.

Routine eye exams (one every 12 months)


Routine physical exams


Immunizations, tests, and labs

Covered in full

Programs to keep you healthy

Covered in full



Get an instant online quote

It only takes a few minutes to get an online quote on our quoting website. You can also enroll in a plan on the same website after you get your quote. It's quick and easy!

You can also visit the Massachusetts Health Connector.

*CMS rates qualified health plans (QHPs) offered through the Exchanges using the Quality Rating System (QRS), which is based on third-party validated clinical measure data and QHP Enrollee Survey response data. CMS calculates ratings annually on a 5-star scale, and ratings may change from one year to the next. For more information, please see CMS’s Health Insurance Marketplace® Quality Initiatives website at: http://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Quality-Initiatives-Patient-Assessment-Instruments/QualityInitiativesGenInfo/Health-Insurance-Marketplace-Quality-Initiatives.html.

“It’s just me and my daughter and I make about $45,000 a year. I didn’t think I would qualify for help paying for health insurance, but during the Connector open enrollment, I called Fallon and found out that I do!”

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