Caregiver Connection
  • Caregiver going over calendar with older person

    Coordinating care for your loved one

    Posted 09/27/2017 by Fallon Health

    In an ideal world, the communication between your loved one's health care providers would be seamless, but that's not usually how it works out. Most often, the task of coordinating care falls to the patient—and the patient’s caregivers.

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  • Photo of individual with hands resting on a cane

    5 ways to prevent falls

    Posted 08/23/2017 by Fallon Health

    One in four people aged 65 and older fall each year. But paying attention to changes in health and mobility can help you reduce the risk of your loved one falling. 

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  • Doctor's laptop and stethoscope

    Helping your loved one find a new provider

    Posted 05/23/2017 by Fallon Health

    There are numerous issues to take into consideration when your loved one needs or wants to change health care providers. As a caregiver, you can help guide your loved one's choice.

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