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  • Adult tying shoe of another adult

    Making a smooth transition to rehab and getting the most out of it

    Posted 03/28/2018 by Fallon Health

    "In an ideal world, most people would choose to recuperate from an accident, hospitalization or illness in the comfort of their own homes," says Lisa DeWitt, RN, LNC. "But the reality is that many will need inpatient rehabilitation care, especially older adults." She recommends practical steps you can take to ease your loved one’s transition into this new environment.

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  • Crystal Polizzotti

    Training helps caregivers develop skills for the job of caregiving

    Posted 03/07/2018 by Fallon Health

    "Parent, spouse, relative and friend are terms that explain relationships between people. The word 'caregiver,' however, describes something you do for someone else. That makes it a job," says guest blogger Crystal Polizzotti, of the Healthy Living Center for Excellence. She has ideas for you on how you can get the training you need to do that job well.

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  • Woman and man at a Memory Cafe

    Memory Cafes provide social time without worries about memory problems

    Posted 02/15/2018 by Fallon Health

    At a Memory Café, you have a chance to meet others who understand what you and the person in your life with dementia are going through. It’s a welcoming place for individuals living with dementia, as well as their families, friends and professional caregivers.

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  • About our contributors

    Posted 02/06/2018 by Fallon Health

    Meet the experts behind the Caregiver Connection.

  • Cat on windowsill

    Signs of caregiver depression and 3 ways to avoid it

    Posted 01/30/2018 by Fallon Health

    When you're a caregiver, the managing, planning and worry that come with the role can be overwhelming and consuming. You may not realize that you're becoming depressed. In this post, Dr. Brenda King discusses how to recognize the signs of caregiver depression and what to do if you are already experiencing depression. 

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