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speech bubbleDo you need a primary care physician?

Posted on May 20, 2016

Primary care physicians can keep you healthy as you age, provide continuity of care and can be the gate keeper for your medical history. Do you need one? The answer is yes. Read more ...



Pill iconSpring clean your medicine cabinet

Posted on April 25, 2016

Safe disposal of medications is important. Include your medicine cabinet in your spring cleaning routine! Read more ...



breathe in icon Tips for managing asthma symptoms

Posted March 16, 2016

When you have asthma, know your triggers so that you can minimize your symptoms. Here are some tips to help you out as we approach the spring season. Read more ...


Cash icon Making the most of your deductible plan

Posted February 11, 2016

Chances are, you’re already familiar with the idea of a deductible. You probably have a deductible on your car insurance policy—it’s that first $500 or $1,000 you have to pay before your insurance covers repair costs. Your health insurance deductible—if you have one—works the same way. Read more ...


Ear hearingMyth vs. fact: Check your hearing IQ

Posted January 7, 2016

People are often surprised to learn that noise, not age, is the number-one cause of hearing loss. In fact, there are myriad possible causes of hearing loss, including many with seemingly no connection to the sense of hearing. Test your hearing IQ. Read more ...


speech bubbleGrateful member shares experience with Fallon's Disease Management Programs

Posted December 9, 2015

A member's story about how a health educator from Fallon Health helped her manage asthma Read more ...


heart beat icon

Heartburn or heart attack?

Posted November 23, 2015

Recognizing the differences between the signs of mild to severe heartburn and the warning signs of a heart attack could save your life. Read more ...


dime image credit wikipedia

Personal health accounts  

Posted November 09, 2015

Personal health accounts offer an excellent opportunity for getting more for your money, and they can even offer tax advantages. Read more...


 Employee talking on the phone

Watch your back 

Posted October 28, 2015

Most people have back pain at least once. The good news is that you can take measures to prevent or relieve most back pain episodes. Read more...

  hands of caring credit corbis royalty free

Advance directives 

Posted October 14, 2015

The time to state your wishes and ensure that they are followed is before an emergency strikes. Read more...


 Hands and heart Photo credit

A big, fat change 

Posted September 16, 2015

There really are such things as good and bad fats. And the worst of the bad fats, artificial trans fats, are in the process of being banned by the FDA. Read more...



Concussions: More serious than you might think 

Posted August 26, 2015

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury caused by a direct blow to the head or neck. It can be a very serious injury, especially if not treated properly. Read more ...


Medical bag icon

The price tag for specialty medications

Posted August 13, 2015

Specialty medications can make a real difference in people’s lives, but they come with a high price tag and add to the cost of what we pay for health insurance. Read more ...



asparagus Yes, you can eat healthy when dining out

Posted July 16, 2015

Dining out is a wonderful time when you can relax and be with friends and family. But it can be difficult if you’re watching your weight or simply trying to be healthy. Here are some helpful tips to make the experience less challenging. Read more ...



Clipboard icon

Are you health smart?

Posted June 24, 2015

Health literacy refers to the ability to read and understand information about your health and make decisions about it. Read more ...


     Woman blowing her nose. Creative Commons attribution
  Spring allergies may be more severe 

    Posted June 17, 2015

    Our long winter is having an impact on spring allergy season. Read more ...


icon of a roast How safe is your food?

Posted June 10, 2015

Take these steps in food handling, cooking and storage to prevent foodborne illness from taking over your celebrations. Read more ...



Pills, Flickr Creative Commons, e Magine Art Save on prescriptions

Posted June 3, 2015

Understanding how your coverage works can help you lower costs. Read more ...



weights icon Don't skip the weights

Posted May 26, 2015

Strength training can be your secret weapon for dropping pounds. Read more ...



carrot iconGood carb? Bad carb?

Posted May 13, 2015

There's no need to label carbohydrates as "good" or "bad;" they're just different. Read more ...



medical bag icon Don't overdo spring cleaning

Posted May 6, 2015

Easing up a bit can actually be a smart and healthy choice. Read more ...


ticks Spring is here...and so are the ticks

Posted April 29, 2015

The ticks are already biting (or, actually, burrowing) now that the weather is warmer. Protect yourself from them! Read more ... 



heart beat icon Spring into shape

Posted April 22, 2015

The snow has finally melted and it's time to get out and get in shape! Read more ...



squash and pumpkins credit stock.xchng Gardening for your health

Posted April 15, 2015

Beyond the fresh vegetables, gardening can be good for your mind and body, gardening for your health. Read more ...


medicine bottle icon What is shingles?

Posted April 1, 2015

Shingles is a painful rash caused by a virus. Learn more about it and how to deal with shingles. Read more ... 


Clipboard icon Staying healthy while traveling

Posted March 18, 2015

It can be difficult to stay with your exercise routine and eat nutritious foods while you’re traveling. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, traveling can interrupt your healthy routine and throw you off. There are ways, however, to stay on track. Read more ...


Soup bowl icon You can beat the winter blues!

Posted March 3, 2015

Yes it's March, but we're still covered in ice and snow in Massachusetts! It's been a tough winter. Plus, feeling tired and down in the winter is actually quite normal. Though if it's something more than just occasional sadness and frustration with the cold weather, talk to your doctor. Read more ...




The information written about in this blog is not intended to be medical advice. Please seek care from a medical professional when you have a health concern.

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